An icon set that can be used to depict not only strictly school related subjects but also learning and knowledge in its broader sense. The icons are highly suitable for both websites as well as user interfaces.

png illustration


svg illustration


pdf illustration


Sketch illustration


Adobe XD illustration


Figma illustration


Iconjar illustration


Illustrator illustration



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Gorgeous details

Zooming in on each single icon shows how its details and how it follows predefined guidelines, creating consistency throughout all Jollycons icons and the Education set in particular.

ice cream

Friendly style

The thick stroke width combined with a relatively large border radius give the icons a friendly and jolly look.

Flexible vectors

Flexible vectors

All icons are designed as flexible vector graphics making them highly suitable for tweaking and customization.

Perfect details

Perfect details

Every single icon spans a 24px canvas and is created with the utmost precision to guarantee perfect details.

File formats

7 file formats

Jollycons comes in every file format you need: png, svg, pdf, .sketch & .iconjar, .xd, .fig.

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